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Explore the Spacey Dungeon!

Slay enemies in an endless cosmic dungeon. Collect coins to buy more characters and superpowered weapons. Avoid the traps and defeat the deadly boss monsters. Try to venture as deep as you can into the dungeon. Become the biggest hero in the universe and start your journey now!

Update News

March 18, 2018 - Today the alpha testing phase for android user has started. Thanks to everyone who help!

Explore the spacey dungeon. Defeat strange enemies and evade the traps.

Choose serveral characters with different abilities and stats.


Who are you?

Hi, I'm Sebastian Sell. In my spare time I like to develop games for fun. If you want to know more about me, visit me on my Facebook account.

How many people develope this game?

I created the code, art and sound effects. The music is by a second person, Teuthida. Visit him on Youtube!

How much will the game cost?

Nothing! Spacey Dungeon will be complete free and without advertisements of any sort.

When the game will released?

It's difficult to say, I only develop this game in my limited free time. Hopefully in 2017.

How can I support your development?

You can donate to me on my Paypal account. "" Donations with more than 1€ will be rewarded with a name entry in the game's credits, if you want it.

If I donate, what will happen with the money?

My big goal is to get an Apple developer account. With your help, that might come true. After that, I could buy some better tools for the development, to make the game better and add more update content.

What platforms will the game be released on?

For sure on Android. If I have enough supporters, I will bring it to the App Store.

Will you keep updating the game after it is released

Yes of course, provided people like this game. I will add more monsters, traps and playable characters if that happens.

Is my mobile device good enough?

For the ideal playing experience, you will need a smartphone, no older than 4 years. For Android, I recommend a device equal to the Galaxy S6 in power. For Apple devices, use at least an IPhone 5S. If there's enough demand I will create an low-quality option for graphics.

My question is not listed. How i can contact you? | I try do answer every question. It's possible, that i do later a FAQ video.